The beauty, the clarity, the profundity of the poet suddenly becomes immediately available to his reader. The phrasing could be confusing, however, since it seems to imply Western influence(p. 113). As he explains, the forces of blind faith and stubborn unreason still fight for control of the mind, so the skeptic can never rest. Find books What a comfort to not journey alone. Before studying theology I worked for 22 years in theatre, ballet, opera, film and television making costumes and also taught at an Art College teaching Costume Design and Interpretation. Paul Kurtz (born December 21, 1925 in Newark, New Jersey) is a prominent American skeptic and secular humanist. Kuritz sets forth a Christian theory of theatre arts and answering key questions about its purpose and practice today, such as: What causes a work of dramatic theatre to come into being? He argues that a defense of secularism entails a defense of the civic virtues of democracy, which include the toleration of dissent and alternative lifestyles and the willingness to negotiate differences. It’s what comes after that’s more difficult; finding an editor, wondering how on earth you’ll get it published and scouring for perfect bound book printing from companies like Printivity to ensure you book is of good quality. Aristotle’s book on the drama (theater) is titled,The Poetics. Theological colleges by in large are not filled with people who have worked in the theatrical or plastic arts and often the tutors don’t understand where you are coming from. Comedy has become the single serious expression during the last few decades and will continue uninterrupted, I am sure, for the next century. When they were attacked by a snake they were to look to the Golden Serpent and they were healed. Perhaps it is due also to his failure to consider the scripts themselves, The result is a chapter which seems dry. Either way, the process is not impossible, as we can see from authors like Paul Kuritz. Gillette Elvgren, Ph.D Theatre Arts, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++, “Well done! A reluctant and surprised convert to Christianity in midlife, he explores in this book how the media of film and theater can point the viewer/observer in the direction of meaning and ultimate truth. They now appear as a coherent whole for the first time. 1:20-21; 25-26; 2:7-8; 12-13; and 3:18, as well as a statement by Thomas Aquinas concerning the intellectual power of the soul (pp. This entirely new Humanist Manifesto is designed to address the problems of the twenty-first century and the millennium beyond. Dr Kuritz has been teaching Drama and the Theater for many years. Released in United States, 30/12-2013. Paul Kurtz has 51 books on Goodreads with 3681 ratings. Hence, the actor must develop the requisite playing qualities of relaxation, concentration, justification, and imagination. Paul Kurtz eBooks. I will certainly keep your contact information, and you, in the back of my mind for any projects that I am involved with. Dr. Kuritz teaches theater and film at Bates University. Sufficient exercises are provided for development of each of these qualities.Chapters on the psychological and physical player thoroughly explore the circumstances necessary for unifying the physical and psychological qualities needed to obtain truth in playing. The reader of this book is living at a time when comedy is even more significant than it has been in the past. While I am in strong agreement with Kuritzs basic thesis, there are several particulars that are troubling. Again, sufficient and clear-cut examples are provided. Brian Godawas Hollywood Worldviews provides a very helpful introduction to film interpretation and worldview recognition. ), ( Export citation . Dr. Paul Kuritz teaches theater and film at Bates University. Kevin Bussey at Confessions of a Recovering Pharisee. It is the power of His resurrection” (p. 112). Then, faced with personal crises and divine interventions, he found himself praying that God wouldnt make him a born-again evangelical Christian. Think of playing as a child and playing as an actor, think of ordinary life and the drama unfolding on the stage…Paul Kuritz, in Playing: An Introduction to Acting shows you the link between these processes. ). This entertaining and insightful book brings together dramatic theory, Judeo-Christian world view, the performing arts, and the evolving concept of story, under the central image of the bronze serpent which Moses raised up in the wilderness. The title comes from the Fiery Serpent that Moses made for the Hebrews. These are found at cultural, familial, and individual levels of life. The topic of the dissertation is: From Scripture to Canvas to Stage, A justification for a dramatization of Rembrandt’s Biblical Paintings. Kurtz first coined the term in 1988 to characterize a secular orientation to life that stands in contrast to religion.